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First-Vote Sports Betting, Risk-Free Return of Bonuses

"Application Rules"

  • This offer is limited to members who have never bet on sports betting and betting on a sports event for the first time during the event period. Each member can only apply once.
  • Members must bind and successfully verify their phone numbers before applying for this offer.
  • The single bet amount eligible for this promotion is RM300, and the result after the betting settlement is “All Lost” will be eligible to participate in the advertisement.
  • Applying for this promotion and winning can only be used to guess sports handicap events (betting on in-play and cross-offs is not allowed).
  • With this promotion, the bonus can be withdrawn by reaching 5 times the turnover.
  • You cannot combine this offer with any other offer.
  • Suppose there are bets on sports betting during the promotion period that has not yet been settled. In that case, you need to follow the 918kiss Tip announcement on the final results of the chances and wait for the settlement of the bets to complete the unlocking of the activity and transfer the amount.
  • You will not enjoy the website rebate during the application period if you need to achieve the turnover, and you can want a refund for every extra transaction.
  • Coupons must be collected within 14 days. ​Failure to collect within the time limit is deemed to have been given up and automatically withdrawn by the system.
  • If the withdrawal request is not fulfilled within 30 days from the date of distribution of the event bonus, this bonus and all winnings will be forfeited in full.

The display time of sports events is Eastern Time.

"Coupon Operation Method"


Step 1. After successfully logging in to the member account, click “Coupon” at the top, wait for the system to jump to the screen, select the coupon you want to receive, and click “Redeem.”

Step 2. According to the instructions on the page, select the game hall and the amount you want to bet on. After the input is completed, the system will display the bonus amount and the required turnover multiple.

Step 3. After confirming the application, click the “OK” button below, and the amount and bonus system will be automatically transferred to the requested library and bound.

Step 4. After the amount of betting is used/to apply for withdrawal, you need to go to “Self-Service Offer” → “Activity Unlock”, select the game platform you want to unlock, and submit it. After the system is approved, you will deposit again to bet/withdraw in the hall payment.

"Activity Terms"

Only for entertainment members, if it is found that the user has more than one account, including the same name, the same email address, the identical/similar IP address, the same address, the same debit/credit card, the same bank account, the same computer, etc. any other abnormal betting Once discovered, 918kiss Tip Entertainment reserves the right to freeze the profit and balance of your account.
Any bets, draws, other hedge bets (cross-site bets), refusal bets, void bets, ties, or sports bets with odds less than 1.70 Handicap odds 0.70; Indonesian handicap odds -1.20; Malaysian handicap -120) and non-sports items will not be included in the effective betting.
Any betting made through illegal third-party software such as “Robot” and “Open Dual/Multiple Windows” can be regarded as unlawful betting. 918kisstip Entertainment reserves the right to freeze the balance of the suspected account and close the member account.
918kiss Tip Entertainment reserves the right to check all betting records of members. Suppose a member violates the regulations and rules of the event or uses bonuses for non-entertainment purposes. In that case, it reserves all rights to stop, cancel or claim back the paid at any time All offers of.
Suppose the relevant account is suspected of being misused and not eligible for this promotion. In that case, 918kisstip Entertainment reserves the right to require members to submit relevant certification documents to verify their identity.
Any individual/team/organization is suspected of using dishonest methods or fraudulent activities to defraud/abuse dividends. Once verified, 918kisstip Entertainment will have the right to freeze the relevant account profits and balances.
Participating in this offer means that you agree to the “Preferential Application Rules and Terms of Activities”.
918kisstip Entertainment reserves the right to revise, terminate or finally interpret this promotion; and the right to make changes to this promotion without notice.
If illegal betting is found, the deposit (including the profit and bonuses enjoyed) will be frozen, and the system will automatically clear it