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Company Guide for Malaysian Online Slot Games: Spadegaming (SG)

Asia Online Casino is an entertainment platform that constantly seeks innovation. We have compiled many famous game platforms for the enjoyment of our players. These games from different platforms are organized into specific categories for the convenience of players to easily find the games they like.

We are committed to working with the latest gaming companies to provide players with more game options in online casinos! This page introduces your favorite slot game company – Spadegaming (SG) Online Slot Entertainment!

Spadegaming’s headquarters was established in Malaysia in 2007 as one of Asia’s pioneers in the online game development industry. with the aim of “Dominate the Asian Market and Go Global” Today, Spadegaming has multiple business establishments across Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and beyond.

Spadegaming’s slot games are built with innovation.
creativity and advanced technology Wide selection of game types with realistic graphics and surreal sound effects make Spadegaming slots games the leading slot game developer in Asia.

Spadegaming is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and other operating systems. Self-made MOVE™ is compatible with all mobile devices. Keeping players accessible Spadegaming strives to create the best gaming platform for all players.

9 Reasons You Should Play in the Spadegaming Slot Game Platform!

After sustaining through ups and downs for 10 years with a world-class team Spadegaming (SG) slot game company has become Asia’s leading slot game developer. What’s so interesting about games in Spadegaming is that more and more players keep coming back and attracting new players. It is because of the following 9 special features of Spadegaming!


  • (1) Launching new games every season. Currently there are more than 120 game types and more than 14 countries currency support.
  • (2) Multilingual user interface (Vietnamese, Malaysian, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, etc.)
  • (3) All games are tested by iTech Labs before being released. The brand is to maintain the highest standards by pursuing fairness and transparency.
  • (4) Slot machines have many ways to win, such as 1,5,8,9,15,20,25,30,40,50,243,1024 lines, etc.
  • (5) Perfectly compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and other operating systems, use H5 technology.
  • (6) Various games (slot games, table games and arcade games) are available.
  • (7) Specializes in the Asian market. The theme of the game is rich in Asian culture.
  • (8) They have incorporated their unique MOVETM system into every device. This makes it easy to play all kinds of games.
  • (9) Game graphics that are realistic, as well as sound effects that are surreal.

918KissTip Reminder:

iTech Labs is an online gaming testing lab based in Malaysia.

Spadegaming Online Slots Entertainment Offers the Widest Range of Slot Games.

Spadegaming slot game company offers a wide variety of games. In addition to the hottest multi-line slot games various table games (European Roulette, Sic Bo, Dragon Tiger, etc.) is a game that is unbearable to play. And you can also play the usual rare traditional game games (such as Hubei, Fish and Shrimp etc.) if you are interested in high odds betting, arcade games (off-road racing, dog racing. horse racing etc) is another option for you!


(1) Spadegaming Slot Game Platform – Slot Machine Game
Spadegaming has a wide variety of slot games. Offer a variety of styles imaginary character style cute animal pictures Asian-themed style, game graphics and sound effects everywhere! Spadegaming slots games continue to follow the latest trends. This trend is certainly not new, appealing to youngsters. You can also find a description of the gameplay in each game so you can easily get started!
(Game name: “Pocket Monsters”)

(2) Spadegaming Slot Game Platform – Arcade Game
In addition to a wide variety of slot games, Spadegaming Slot Game Room also introduces some interesting arcade games. In addition to the great game screen and great sound effects. The clear and simple game interface also allows you to play without any burden!
(Game name: “Three Kingdoms Dragon Boat Battle 2”)

(3) Spadegaming Slot Game Platform – Table Games
Can optical slot games and arcade games satisfy all your needs? Spadegaming Slot Game Center offers dedicated table and card games. So you can enjoy playing table and card games. and enjoy online

The game is called “Fish, Shrimp, Crab 2”.

Here are 3 of the Hottest Online Slots in Asia.

(1) Spadegaming Slot Machine – “Wang Wang Cai”
A slot machine game with a dog dressed as the god of wealth is the protagonist of this game. The camp behind the game creates a festive atmosphere for the new year!

(2) Spadegaming Slot Game – “New Five Fortunes”
This slot machine game with gold bat is the protagonist of this game. The background of the game is full of mysterious caves and also creates a luxurious atmosphere!

(3) Spadegaming Slot Game – “New Lucky Star”
A slot machine game with Maitreya as the protagonist of Lucky Star. The game backgrounds and objects have ancient Chinese culture!

Visit Spadegaming Slot Game Room and Start Betting on Slot Machines Now!

Malaysia online casino 918KissTip has partnered with slot game company Spadegaming to create the best Spadegaming slot game room, classic style, themed slot machine games. or popular table games They have everything you need! Spadegaming Slot Game Room is the best choice to play slots games! 918KissTip often launches various slot game promotions for its players. Players can play Spadegaming slots during the 918KissTip promotion to enjoy Malaysia’s best bonuses and cashback rates!

Spadegaming Slot Games Can't Satisfy you? Another Recommended Slot Game Platform: HABA

If you are a fan of slots games, then a game in Spadegaming should be enough for you to play over and over again. However, the style and rules of the game differ slightly from game to game. Would you like to try other slot games? We recommend you to visit Habanero (Haba) to experience more types of slot games! HABA has over 80 slots games, 10 table games and 10 live poker games, you cannot miss it if you are a poker fan!